Wednesday, 25 May 2011

self portrait experience

I've got a self portrait project to do for school, objective to portray your own personality in one photo.  Kind of creepy exploring your own personality sometimes when half the time you're just as confused as anyone else.  I took a fair few last year while I was traveling, some being a knob, some just of me doing what I had been doing the whole trip.  Right now my self portrait kind of made me feel a little lost, but wanting experience again.  Traveling is pretty raw and amazing and right now in my life I feel that I need to get out, break out, see the world more, surf more and enjoy the simple things in life.  The last shot is my recent self portrait for the project, kind of shows where I am at with out saying anything, well in my mind it does.  The one on my board was taken by a friend in Nicaragua, but it is what that whole trip was about, I surfed pretty much for six month straight.  Enjoy

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