Monday, 9 June 2014

En Zed.

Where to start really?  We've been back for a quite a few weeks now since returning home from our epic small yet large escape to New Zealand for 3 weeks.  We crammed as much as possible into three weeks as we could, we drove over 5,000 km's and didn't let a day go without some kind of an adventure, even if that meant driving across the country side and what a country side to drive in!
It definitely wasn't a relaxing holiday to say the least, we flew straight into a South Island cold snap which took all of us by surprise, but lucky enough the op shop experience in New Zealand is like that of the way op shops use to be here.  More warm clothes to get us through the South, only to start off-loading them as we headed further north, our car Mitsy wasn't the most spacious mobile and it required a bit of surgeon like manouvers to get things in and out, it was testing at times.
The trip all in all was a pretty amazing time, we all definitely had our moments, the close proximity can get to you after a while, but that's what happens on the road!  We surfed some amazing places, took in some of the most breath taking scenery, were welcomed in by so many lovely and hospitable people and treated like family, hiked some mountains, savoured the fruits of the land, ate some choice cray fish, but missed out on the famous blue cod, finished up the trip with an epic boogie on the side of the highway en-route back to Wellington for our flight home.  So many amazing spots on both islands and can't wait to explore more in the future.  Thank you so much to Rob, Karli and Dave for a great time and all the amazing people we met along the way!! All images shot on 35mm film b+w, colour and slide, and the square format is 120mm film.  Kia ora.