Sunday, 6 March 2011

City limits

Well I have decided to start a blog.  Everyone is doing it, so I thought I would get on board and follow the pack.  Well for school the teacher's said it would be an easier way to do a visual diary so here I am.  I'm pretty new at all this too.

So after a couple of big days and nights last week, mind and body bruised from Soundwave and Paul Kelly  the night before I went into the city to cruise around and take some shots.
What to shoot?  Who to shoot?  Digital or Film?  
On the way home from school the other day I saw the homeless under the bridge on the yarra, so I felt I had to capture their living environments.  Water front living at a cost.
Well I have been crapping on for a bit so here is couple of photos from the other day.  I'm in the darkroom tomorrow which I am pretty excited about. 

I think I have a thing for hallways and alley ways.

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